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Radius Server

Experience here the safety of your facts on internet with our Authentication System. An Authentication System for all those ventures concerned with people.

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DNS Server

A caching DNS server is a server that handles recursive requests from clients. Almost every DNS server that the operating system's stub resolver will contact will be a caching DNS server.

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Graphing Monitoring Tool

Cacti is an open-source, web-based network monitoring and graphing tool designed as a front-end application for the open-source, industry-standard data logging tool RRDtool.

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Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Hosting. will keep your clients' sites running at peak performance. Get your own Dedicated Server or servers today.

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PPPoE Server For ISP

We Provide a PPPoE Server Based on Linux Architechture.For Better Result And Performance.

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We Provide Solution To Track user Activity And Store IT For Further Requirement.

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